Picking the Right Communications Provider

Picking the Right Communications Provider

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the demand for cloud communication solutions has skyrocketed as companies transition away from traditional methods in favor of more innovative and efficient alternatives. Our company, Call Solutions USA, was founded to revolutionize customer service and telecommunications solutions for businesses across various industries.

We are a team of passionate, hard-working individuals with aligned values who recognize the growing need for efficient, personalized customer support. Our company aims to bridge the gap between businesses and their clients, providing world-class communication solutions and customer service. It is important to our business to have a partner that aligns with our views on how to treat customers just as much as their technology.

We sought a partnership with a company that offered products we were happy to sell. Amidst the plethora of options available, one name stood out as a leader in the field: NEC. With over 125 years of experience in modernizing global communication infrastructure, NEC has proven its expertise time and time again. By partnering with NEC, we can offer UNIVERGE BLUE, which provides an all-encompassing platform for unified communications that enables remote and hybrid work environments.

Several factors drove our cloud services decision:

Cutting-Edge Communication Solutions

NEC's innovative communication solutions have been a game-changer for us and our clients. For instance, their Unified Communication and Contact Center options have not only streamlined our internal communication processes, increasing productivity and efficiency, but also significantly improved our clients' customer satisfaction and business growth. This is just one example of how our partnership with NEC has brought about positive transformations in the way we do business.

Remote Work Made Easy

Call Solutions is based in the US, with employees spread across the globe, so remote work can be a daunting challenge. However, with the user-friendly UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, this process is simplified, enabling our employees to work from home while participating in virtual meetings, answering calls, and sending messages seamlessly. The cloud communication platform allows teams to stay connected and productive across time zones, ensuring business operations continue without missing a beat. We can provide our customers with firsthand experience and show how easy and powerful a tool CONNECT can be.

Enhanced Webinar Experiences

Hosting webinars is a crucial component of our business strategy for educating customers about our products and services. UNIVERGE BLUE MEET WEBINAR allows us to host sessions with up to 250 attendees, providing a platform for audience engagement through interactive features such as sending emojis during sessions. This dynamic experience helps our business inject personality and energy into the webinars while offering presenters real-time feedback.

Another feature that has been widely incorporated through various marketing funnels is polls. UNIVERGE BLUE WEBINAR provides presenters the opportunity to have attendees answer live polls during the webinar to give us presenters a better understanding of our audience’s needs, current situations, etc. At the end of our webinars, we can preset a survey for our attendees to complete to determine what improvements we can make for all future webinars. Having such a scalable and interactive webinar tool has been amazing.

Streamlined Call Center Operations

One request we often receive is, “Do you offer any quality call center systems?”. NEC's CONNECT Call Center functionality is a powerful tool we have been able to set up for businesses looking to manage call centers efficiently. CONNECT enables agent onboarding and facilitates seamless interaction with prospective clients, offering a comprehensive platform to fulfill all communication needs. The best part is how convenient the application is.

Agents can have numbers dial automatically, and with an easy click of a button, you can pause, go on break, transfer calls, and more! It’s built into the unified communication platform, making it easy for our customers to be productive in a single place and connect with internal team members and their customers. When customer relationships can be prioritized, we see businesses thrive.

How UNIVERGE BLUE Provides Support

NEC takes pride in its exceptional customer support, provided by a dedicated team of experts committed to ensuring smooth operations and promptly addressing any issues. Whether it's technical troubleshooting, system maintenance, or product guidance, NEC's support system guarantees minimal disruptions to business operations. With NEC's friendly support team, we can rest assured that help is always just a call or message away, ensuring minimal disruptions to our operations.

One feature we must highlight due to how important and beneficial it has been for us is NEC’s training modules. NEC has a fantastic and insightful training portal with tutorial videos, sales videos, and everything related to NEC and UNIVERGE BLUE. They also have regular webinars and meetings to ensure you and your business are on the right track. It has made training our employees a seamless, hassle-free task.

Partnering with NEC: A Dream Team for Success

Combining the strengths of Call Solutions USA and NEC creates a winning formula that perfectly aligns with modern society's fast-paced demands. Together, we provide the perfect blend of expertise, insights, and innovation to address businesses' needs in today's dynamic landscape. We can effortlessly say that NEC has made it easy for us to sell a product because it is something we believe in and are passionate about.

If you're ready to experience the benefits of NEC's cloud solutions, we offer personalized demos to show you how our offerings can meet your unique needs.

Schedule a date and time for your customized demo, and connect with us on our social media to learn more about our services and team.

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