All-in-one cyber protection

We partnered with Coro to offer you cybersecurity like you’ve never seen before.

This platform provides the solution to protect all your cloud apps, data, endpoints, emails, and so much more! As your cybersecurity provider, we can monitor a 360° view of the cyber threat space within your company.

Eliminate your blind spots with Call Solutions USA powered by Coro!

Protect all your significant domains without paying an arm or leg. That said, every business must protect four main domains: data, emails, cloud apps, and endpoint attacks. AI-based cybersecurity is the perfect solution and a dream for SMBs; it provides a massive plus in the cybersecurity industry.

Cybersecurity for small and medium-sized companies

If your company has a tiny security team or none, AI-powered tools can be handy for you. Free up your time by alleviating the cybersecurity processes with one platform proven to be more effective and efficient.

Why our platform for managed security services?



When signing up with us, enjoy ending false alerts, early morning panic calls, and hours tracing compromised files and endpoint devices.

The AI remediates 95% of threats, and the rest can be solved through Coro’s unique one-click resolve.

Regardless of the size of your company, we believe in providing a holistic cybersecurity solution suited to your needs and budget requirements.

cybersecurity Simplicity


What if we told you we put the complexity out of cybersecurity?

Our preferred cybersecurity platform enables administrators to manage your company's security without interrupting your valuable IT time, user productivity, or company operations.

You and your employees can protect your company's valuable data and applications through one easy-to-use platform.

The Affordability

The Affordability

Our cybersecurity platform minimizes costs, IT team overhead, and disruption to your company's operations by maximizing intelligent automation with cutting-edge technology.

Our approach isn't about profit through complexity - It's about intelligent automation to aid IT teams to focus on enabling their businesses. This is the keynote of why Call Solutions USA and Coro constantly invest in improving our services, package offerings, and technology. Together, we can stay ahead of cyber attackers and protect your company from cyber threats.

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