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Introducing Wireless Networks for Enhanced Business Productivity

Implementing a wireless network in your workplace can significantly boost your team's efficiency. It liberates them from the constraints of wired connections, keeping them seamlessly connected. However, your wireless network must be fast, reliable, and secure. That's where Call Solutions USA provides expert Wi-Fi installation services for businesses across Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, Richardson, Lewisville, and neighboring cities in DFW.

Dealing with an unreliable Wi-Fi connection can be frustrating, especially when working on critical projects. At Call Solutions USA, we begin with a thorough site survey to identify the best placements for your wireless routers. Following the survey, we offer two installation options: Bring Your Device (BYOD) and Full-Service Wireless Installation.

With BYOD, your IT team handles the setup of access points (AP) while we optimize their placement for maximum signal strength and coverage. We also take tasks like cable pulling, wiring, and connecting your AP to the appropriate network switch. On the other hand, our full-service wireless installation is a comprehensive solution for building a wireless network from the ground up. This includes assistance with design, planning, implementation, testing, and ongoing maintenance. We've successfully installed wireless networks in various settings, from offices and warehouses to churches and schools.

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