Let’s get you clued up in the cloud-based community!

Cloud-based Community

Unlock the power of the cloud community with NEC, our top-notch cloud solutions partner. Dive into their extensive training library covering UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT and ENGAGE, designed to boost your team's productivity and elevate customer service.

NEC's curated videos break down CONNECT's hunt group management, device ordering, and call recording utilization, while ENGAGE focuses on call interactions, dynamic notifications, and Elevator feature setup.

Seize the structured learning journey by following the recommended video sequence. Fear not, as NEC and CALL SOLUTIONS USA are here to guide you. Revisit the videos at your convenience.


The CONNECT Training Library

The CONNECT Training Library is divided into EMPLOYEE and ADMINISTRATOR user experience sections.

(Select the option applicable to your requirements.)


Employees: CONNECT offers an internal and external intuitive and collaborative platform by means of user-friendly experiences


Administrators: Master CONNECT and how to configure through elaborate training courses. learning courses.


Our partner NEC hosts two CONNECT live virtual training sessions EACH MONTH! Join a session and see how it goes…

The ENGAGE Training Library

The ENGAGE Training Library is divided into AGENT and ADMINISTRATOR user experience sections.

(Select the option applicable to your requirements.)


Agents: Learn how to perform daily tasks across CONNECT via its desktop and web platforms


Administrators: Through self-paced learning. Master building and configuring your ENGAGE CX environment through instructor-led training.


Let’s go back to the basics and unravel the language of all things telephonic!

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