Call Solutions USA Terms & Definitions

Terms and Definitions

Welcome to the Call Solutions USA Glossary:

Let’s go back to the basics and unravel the language of all things telephonic!

  • Call Park: It's like putting a call on hold, but anyone can pick it up out of order.
  • Call Pickup: Anyone can answer a call they hear coming in.
  • DND (do not disturb): Puts the phone on silent.
  • Night mode: Sends all calls to voicemail, and no phones ring. (Useful for a midday meeting, outside, lunch, or after-hours hours.)

Other System Functions

  • Auto attendant: Software mechanism that uses the time of day and call destination to route calls automatically.
  • Hunt group: A group of phones that get dialed with a single number and have different settings for how each group member is rung. (ring all, round robin, sequential, etc.)

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