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Cabling and Network Services in The Lower 48 States

In the world of business, having the correct information is crucial. Your team needs dependable access to data to make intelligent decisions and serve your customers effectively. At the core of a solid internal network lies reliable network cabling.

In the past, phones were the go-to for in-house communication. Nowadays, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has taken over, offering your staff a robust and cost-efficient communication method. But top-notch network cabling is a must to benefit from this technology fully.

Call Solutions USA has served businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for years with expert network cabling services. We've got what it takes to keep your network running seamlessly. Whether upgrading to VoIP or setting up a traditional PBX system, you can trust Call Solutions USA for the finest network cabling services in the lower 48 states.

Here's a glimpse of the cabling and network services we offer in Texas:

  • IT Equipment Installation:

    Our skilled team is well-versed in installing IT equipment, from network switches to printers, monitors, racks, and cabinets. Count on Call Solutions USA for top-quality service.

  • Network Wiring Testing:

    Reliable communication is vital for your business. Faulty wiring or loose connections can lead to customer loss. We offer network wiring testing to pinpoint and fix problem areas in your cabling.

  • Wi-Fi Network Installation:

    We're with you every step in setting up a Wi-Fi network. From planning to design and execution, we've got it covered. We'll survey the premises to position all Wi-Fi equipment strategically.

  • Demarc Extension Services:

    This is the physical point where the public network of a telecom company meets your private network. They manage the line from the telecom company to this point, while the line from here to the termination point is your responsibility.

  • Data Cable Installation:

    Our technicians are experts in structured cabling handling copper wire and fiber-optic networks. We can also assist with integrated systems. As your business expands, your internal network will need to grow, too, and we provide maintenance and upgrade services for this purpose.

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