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Voice Over IP Installation for Your Business

More and more businesses prefer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) over traditional telephone systems. As internet connection becomes more affordable, faster, and more reliable, upgrading to VoIP will make more sense. But with all the available options, it can be tricky for business owners to decide which type of VoIP service to choose.

At Call Solutions USA, we provide all VoIP services and help business owners in the United States make informed decisions. VoIP services offers the ultimate solution for companies with employees working in the office, companies with a hybrid working system, or companies with employees working remotely. Voice Over Internet Protocol provides a complete online and cloud-based service for companies to effortlessly communicate with their employees.

Overall advantages of having a well-integrated VoIP system:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Employee Driven Flexibility
  • Connected Remote Work
  • Lower Costs
  • Centralized Management

Three Types of VoIP Services For Your Business:

On-Premises Based VoIP

On-Premises-Based VoIP

In an on-premises setup, your business owns all the needed equipment in your office. Premised VoIP costs more upfront than other options and is harder to scale up or down, but it gives you better control over what hardware and software to use. You must have a reliable backup system for your VoIP to work in case there's a power loss. Premised VoIP systems make more sense for medium to large enterprises.

Hosted/Cloud VoIP

Hosted/Cloud VoIP

Hosted VoIP services cost less initially than premised VoIP and are easily scalable. You only need a fast and reliable internet connection because the service provider handles all the equipment. Staying updated with a hosted VoIP system is easier because the service provider handles patches and upgrades. If you lose internet connection, your service provider can route your calls to voice mail or mobile phones. They take care of redundancy and monitor the system 24/7. This system is perfect for smaller companies that benefit from the flexibility of the system.

Hybrid VoIP

Hybrid VoIP

A hosted system runs on the premised server and hardware in a hybrid VoIP system. If your company has an existing premised system, a hybrid approach is an economical way of upgrading to VoIP without investing in new cabling and wiring. You'll need a VoIP gateway to connect to the cloud. A hybrid approach is an ideal solution if your company has some funds to spend but does not prefer an outright purchase or managing an entire system.

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