Critical Business Communications

Automatically Preserve, Protect, and Retrieve Your Critical Business Communications

In today's fast-paced business landscape, our reliance on digital channels like chat, SMS, and phone calls has skyrocketed. This means that a wealth of business-critical and sensitive information is exchanged through these mediums. It's essential to ensure that these interactions are safeguarded from accidental deletion or misuse, making it easy to retrieve them when needed.

That's where UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE steps in. Seamlessly integrated with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, it automatically preserves communication data – from chats and SMS messages to call records and voicemails – without user intervention. This ensures that important information is always at your fingertips and that compliance with internal governance and regulatory requirements is maintained.

Key Features:

Univerge Blue Archive Features
  • Effortless Deployment and Management: Setting up UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE is a breeze, and it seamlessly integrates with CONNECT, requiring minimal administrative effort.
  • Comprehensive Retention: Tailor your data retention to suit your business needs, with options spanning up to ten years. No more guesswork – choose the suitable retention period.
  • Powerful Search Capability: Say goodbye to hunting through mountains of data. Its contextual search dives into content and metadata, enabling lightning-fast queries based on attributes like text, participants, and more.
  • Top-Tier Security: Your data's safety is our priority. It's uploaded securely, encrypted in transit and at rest, and protected by multifactor authentication to ensure authorized access.
  • Compliance and Litigation Support: UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE is designed to meet HIPAA, FINRA, and MiFID II compliance standards. Optional WORM tamper-proof media storage ensures compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4.
  • eDiscovery Capabilities: Apply legal holds when needed, ensuring data is retained to support legal proceedings. Export all necessary case documents effortlessly.
  • Data Residency Options: Rest easy knowing that our solution supports US, Canadian, and European data residency requirements. Ensuring Continuity, Resolving Disputes, and More

    In addition to its compliance benefits, UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE proves invaluable in various scenarios:

  • Continuity in Transitions: Staff turnover, leaves, or organizational changes will maintain the flow of information. Transitions are handled seamlessly, ensuring the right users have access.
  • Resolving Disputes and Enhancing Practices: Quickly address disputes and monitor call quality for improved customer care. Train staff effectively to enhance their performance and satisfaction.
  • Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times: Unexpected challenges can arise, but with UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE, your communications are securely preserved, providing reassurance when needed.

At Call Solutions USA, partnered with NEC, we understand the importance of preserving and protecting your business communications. With UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE, you can face the future with confidence, knowing your data is in safe hands. For a quotation or a chat about our cloud-based offerings and packages, contact us or look at our socials.

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