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Noah Golly

Noah Golly

Senior Systems Engineer

Employed Since: 2023-05-19

Date of Birth: April 17th

Hometown: Dallas, Tx

Hobbies: Racing, Mountain biking, Engineer, Restoration

Noah Golly

Senior Systems Engineer

About Noah Golly:

On a typical day, Noah manages customer queries and issues, from dropped calls to speed dial settings. Noah also fine-tunes his conversation with our clients with a follow-up email stating what has been resolved and what he can do to help further. THAT'S NOT ALL! Noah also installs ethernet cables, sets up network equipment, and does site visits. Noah is an avid outdoorsman! He enjoys riding and racing two-wheeled machines, from mountain bikes to dirt bikes.
Noah loves to tinker when he isn't busy tuning up his bikes in the garage! He uses 3D printing and 3D design frequently to help restore old video game consoles and work on projects/inventions around the house. His motto is "The pursuit of happiness and all that follows."

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