Data Circuit Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

Understanding the different types of data circuits is essential so you can choose the best internet connection for your business. Call Solutions USA provides carrier management services in RichardsonMansfield,  DallasLewisvilleFort Worth, and other cities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer the following information to help you choose the best type of data circuit services to future-proof your business:

Fiber Optics - Internet connections via fiber-optic networks are high-speed because data is transmitted using light. Since light travels rather quickly, it can carry data at amazingly fast speeds. While fiber-optic connections are ideal, it's not yet available everywhere. 

Wireless LTE 4G - Internet service providers now offer wireless 4G LTE connections. The advantage of LTE is that there is really no need for additional infrastructure as long as your area is accessible to a cell tower. However, 4G internet may have issues if you will be working underground or in areas where network coverage is not reliable. Wireless 4G can be a good back-up internet connection.

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line is a significant improvement over the old dial-up internet connection. However, DSL performance depends on how close you are to the Central Office. It is a cost-effective way to run redundancy. 

T1 - T1 lines are the most common connection type for most businesses that need a reliable connection. It's also how internet service providers connect to the internet backbone. 

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Carrier Management Services by Call Solutions in Dallas, Texas

You can trust Call Solutions USA to take care of carrier management for you. Our services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area include:

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